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Something I really hate…

Ok today is Monday, and as usual, Mondays are more evil than me…

I woke up, good day, the last night it rained and there was a thunderstorm, something that makes me actually happy. My personal life is not so bad, too, lately, so I was in the right mood to do a bit of work.
As usual turned on the monitor, the amplifier, enabled the front speakers (the only speakers right now), and started amaroK (I love the multimedia keys on the keyboard). New mails, new RSS news from akregator, de-awayed on Konversation and started looking.. “oh wow, a new amaroK version”, from KDE-Apps, time for a bump ..
So I take time to wake me up, and then fire up a Konsole to rename the ebuild and compile amaroK …

Strike one!

Ok I was still downloading amaroK (that wasn’t released too much time before, so it wasn’t on many SF mirrors, and kent’s mirror is quite slow) and bug #102581 get assigned to KDE.. ok.
Completed download, completed emerge, started amarok, tested that works, removed betas’ ebuilds, committed, bug closed.

Everything is fine till after lunch…

Strike two!

Bug #102592 is filled and assigned to sound, closed with a dry comment as dupe of the first one. Did the reporter search for opened bugs? amaroK’s ebuild should have already hit mirrors at this time, but well..

Everything is fine, I’m here wondering if I should start studying ruby when…

Strike out!

Patrick tells me to look at bug #102600.
Now, I can understand people wanting amaroK in portage as soon as possible. I can somewhat understand filing a bug as soon as it’s out and wait for response. What I cannot understand is not looking for previous bugs.

And really how can you say “almost a day”, when the RSS Feed of KDE-Apps is dated during the night (UTC/CEST), and the announce on kde-extra-gear mailing list is dated 10 hours later, too?
I don’t really think any other distribution was able to carry out an amaroK package in less time (well no, maybe they could if they have an american maintainer, that could have been awake when it was released).

Anyway, I think is good to remember this to users: Gentoo’s maintainers usually knows when their packages’ are released; if they are KDE maintainers, they probably have KDE-Apps subscribed; in any case, please don’t fill 0days bugs, if you don’t know that the maintainer is a dev who use to not bump packages at all. amaroK is maintained by kde and sound, I’m in the latter (and help on the first), I’m subscribed to KDE-Apps and to kde-extra-gear mailing list (because I maintain KNetLoad on KEG), when amaroK is released, I usually know. Please please please wait before submitting bugs.. please.

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  1. Life’s hard dude. But thx for your work anyway.btw: it wasn’t me filling out that bug 😉

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