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Impressions about KDE 3.5

Okay, after some days spent working to get KDE 3.5_beta1 working, thanks to Gregorio and Marcus who fixed, and Chris who tested the ebuilds, I was finally able to start looking at KDE 3.5
After yesterday’s odissey with arts, I was finally able to get sound again, but while I was trying the new media manager (that uses new hal and dbus), I found that it was failing to use pumount to umount (and then eject) the CD-Rom. I looked here and there until I found the cause in a wrong parameter to pumount call (/dev/hda/ instead of /dev/hda). I fixed that in both KDE 3.5 branch, and in kdelibs 3.5_beta1-r1.
If you see, my philosophy is to fix also if it’s a beta, because I want to have a working setup 🙂 Also, all my patches goes upstream directly.

Anyway, after some use, I can say that KDE 3.5_beta1 is impressive regarding the stability and the new mediamanager is really really interesting. The new “Add Applet..” window is way better than the old add appled menu (and makes now sense to provide big icons for applets.

The only thing I still don’t like is Cervisia, but that’s not Cervisia’s fault: every frontend to CVS that uses the command line client to execute commands is IMHO bad, by design. The only frontend I ever used and found useful was TortoiseCVS, but luckily I don’t use it since a looong time.

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