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After a dinner with friends

I must say, yesterday’s night was really a recharge. It was quite a bit of time that I wasn’t going out with friends and having fun, and I really needed it.

I was still able to get all of KDE 3.5_alpha1 removed from the tree before going, with about 300 commits.. I was also able to get the system updated with a screened session and a little SSH.

But what that dinner shown to me is that I really need a bit of break, I need to find time for myself, to read, to go out again a bit…

Anyway, now I have to clean up the mess in my room or I’ll be killed, so for today you’ll see less commits from my side, yesterday was worth a couple of days of commits, in number 😉
No really later I think I’ll try to get a hold of GuideXML to start looking at the G/FBSD technotes, or Chris will really kill me when it will be time to add more things and more pages 😛

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