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[unieject] BerliOS

It was a bit that I haven’t blogged about unieject, my eject drop-in replacement that works on Linux AND FreeBSD based on libcio.

Well many things changed from the last time I blogged about it. The release 4 is out for a while and seems to behave in a decent way πŸ™‚

The next version will probably feature more clean code AND the opportunity to disable extra options like the configuration file that depends on libconfuse. This makes possible to use unieject without installing all of its exotic dependencies (libpopt is not so exotic, as RPM and many other packages uses it).

But the most important change in unieject project is the fact that now is hosted on BerliOS. That means that there is a public SVN repository, a place where submit patches and a decent mirror for releases πŸ™‚

Update (2017-04-22): as you may know, BerliOS was turned down in 2014. The project is now hosted in GitHub instead.

This change is also needed to make possible to actually have translations, as just enabling gettext makes impractical for translators to submit their work. So if you want to have unieject in your language, well just send me an email and I’ll add you to unieject project so that you can commit your own translations. The same obviously goes if you want to help code or document it πŸ™‚

I must say that in the last days I was a bit slacking off the night at least, as I started enjoying watching movies in english (without subtitles, and I can understand what they say, w00t! :P), and tonight I found my new addiction, flobopuyo! That game is great πŸ˜› I was already a puyopuyo fanatic, and having that now, is really a way to refresh the mind πŸ˜€

Ok well, for who’s curious of what my tastes are, I have also updated my froogle’s wish list, also if I don’t think I will ever able to buy anything from that list πŸ˜›

Oh by the way if someone remember the logitech wireless keyboard I bought some time ago, seems like tonight the batteries faded out, so I replaced them with a couple of rechargeable that at least will cost me less πŸ™‚

Ok going to do something useful now πŸ˜›

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