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Another piece less…

For the glory of “the less, the best”, I just removed one more big program from my system: Apache.

While I was always using Apache2 until now, tigger^ convinced me that it was like shooting at a bird with a H-bomb, so I gave lighttpd a try.

The thing I was most glad to see is that lighttpd works fine on Gentoo/FreeBSD, too, without changes nor edits, and it supports kqueue natively 😉

For the rest, I usually use the local webserver just to give files here and there instead of mailing or sending it by various IMs, so I don’t need any of the super-duper functions of Apache, lighttpd is probably the best shot for me 🙂

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  1. Well, a few days after reading this post, I’ve just did the same… the only problem is the ugly aspect of the file listing default page, I’m going to learn something on CSS 😉

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