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Gentoo/FreeBSD logo by Marius Morawski

Not sure if anybody will notice this change, but I just renamed the Gentoo/FreeBSD category of my blog in Gentoo/*BSD. The reason of this is that the progresses of Damian with Gentoo/NetBSD are showing that we can say that Gentoo/*BSD is doing something good a part from FreeBSD world.

In the last days thanks to Damian start-stop-daemon.c started working on NetBSD userland, and now enewuser works there, too (actually, now enewuser is a bit more complex than before: instead of looking for the exact $USERLAND used by the system, it looks for which shell is present, this way it’s possible to have /sbin/nologin on a Linux system, for example (there was a package in bugzilla some time ago for that, maybe now it can be resurrected? who knows), to improve the support for nologin users.
Also, this works fine for Darwin/OSX, too, so from that point of view the code is much cleaner and works better.

Gentoo-ALT project is having big steps forward in the last months, and this is really good to see, especially considering that I have used most of my (maybe) free time working on this 🙂 Now there’s the meeting on #gentoo-alt scheduled for the 26th to see a bit the organization of the project and the coordination between the subprojects, and we’ll see what will happen with that…

By the way, I want to thank Mark Kowarsky, Jakob Petsovits and Marius Morawski for the logos they sent for the Gentoo/FreeBSD logo contest. Your works are really appreciated, I think we’ll wait a bit more (say, about until the meeting that we already scheduled), and then declare the winner 🙂

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