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Bye bye flamebot

Who dropped by #gentoo, #gentoo-bsd or #gentoo-media in the last weeks knows that there was a ServoFlame bot laying there. That bot was using my flamebot script.

I already considered before to move to rBot but I discarded the idea mainly because I wanted to have something “mine”. Now I think I already was able to show to myself that I’m able to create an irc bot in python, and wanted to move to something more usable, also because ServoFlame is going to be a little more useful (being able to parse project-maintained herds thanks to herdstat, it has something that jeeves misses right now) and he’s now hanging around #gentoo-x86, too.

So what I did? I installed rbot, and started hacking at it a bit… what was the result? You’ll find ServoFlame in the same places as before, with the cloak, a little different mask and answering to the usual herd, meta, glsa and “bug blah” commands.. plus a few more as it still have rbot default commands.

I’ll end cleaning up bugzilla plugin and see to send that upstream, as it can be useful to someone else, maybe.

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