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Project space

Gentoo/FreeBSD logo by Marius Morawski

Okay, I don’t like writing documentation, and I don’t like at all writing documentation user-oriented. But that’s what we need right now.

As I need help, Gentoo/FreeBSD users that wants to help need to know what to do an how. There must be a way to tell what is required to be done, and there must be a guide on how to do common things.

I started working on the super sekrit devwiki, but that’s just for developers’ eyes so it wasn’t working. I needed something that other people in the project could update easily, with a revision control, but was simple to look at for users… yesterday Donnie made me think of the project space.

Yesterday, Gentoo/*BSD project page was empty and obsolete. Now it’s full and updated 🙂
The tasks are being tracked there, the developers are updated, and the gentoo-bsd mailing list is advertised clearly.

Still the tech documentation is not there, but thanks to Chris White, that’s going to be fixed soon 🙂

Now what’s missing there? Well probably I’ll let herds.xml take the list of developers from the project page instead of re-listing all the devs there with the strange and funny keywording thing. But for that I’m waiting for a bit of clarifications from pauldv about the inheritmembers stuff that would really make simpler managing bsd herd.

Hmm I have already pointed out at my read-by-nobody article?

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