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Anime Rulez

When I set this on Personal category, it really means that πŸ™‚ It has nothing to do with Gentoo or in general with development. It’s a post where I’ll state my taste about some series of anime of which MTV Italy shown the first episode this week (well actually it still has to end the week when I’m starting writing this, so I’m setting it draft until it’s completed :P)..
It’s probably useless and stupid for most of the people reading this, so I won’t show it entirely if you don’t look at the complete post πŸ˜‰

Ok some of the animes they shown were dubbed, but most of the new series were in japanese subtitled italian (and I can say, some of them weren’t at the same level of certain fansubs…).

Some of the Animes aired I already seen in fansub or from friends’ DVDs (such as .hack//SIGN and DNA2), and I already had a good impression of them. Others were quite new for me and other I already knew of (like Onegai Teacher).

From my POV, I can say that I suggest to everyone to look forward for .hack//SIGN (and I want to praise the italian adaptors that did a very good work with it, translating also the idiomatic phrases used in MMORPGs with the equivalent phrases used by italian players), Pretear (that I didn’t know but it’s really interestign) and Onegai Teacher πŸ™‚
Texholyze (or whatever is spelt) doesn’t seem to be worth a note, so is Godammar (I like non-sense ironic animes but I much prefer things like Excel Saga or Azumanga Daioh to that). On the same note, Burn Up Excess, Giant Robot and Dookoider seems to be quite senseless and I don’t really care for them.
Instead Jojo, Rahxephon (already seen) and Haibane Renmei (seen, too) promised well.
I wish you were here is not so bad, but it’s not exactly my genre; good drawings, tho.
Initial D doesn’t seem bad, too, but I would probably ignore it anyway.

But something I haven’t seen before, and I’m going to look for whenever it will be available on DVD here, it’s L/R, that is really really interesting…

P.S.: yeah most of media-video herd is into animes πŸ˜›

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