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New box

Yai, today I spent most of the afternoon working on this, but then the new box, farragut, is up and running 🙂 Thanks to egore who donated it, now I’m going to start working on Gentoo/FreeBSD 6.0 🙂

Just for the sake of telling a story, today I was able to go looking for a NIC, as the last one I had at home was burnt out by a power spike :/ I found a D-Link that is recognized as a Realtek, good enough for me, connected my last UTP cable (now I miss the one I usually use for tech assistance, so I need to find a new one), and fired up the machine after connecting the monitor to it.
Start installation but … WTF? UDMA errors? … Look at the cable, it’s a 40c… Ok I took the 80c cable of my current motherboard, as I don’t have EIDE discs connected, just a DVD+-RW, and rebooted… uh? it doesn’t start? Damn, I disconnected a ram bank while at it… ok fixed that and starting up..

I prepared the partitions and the labels, downloaded the stage, extracted, configured and so on, then compiled the kernel, installed boot0, but it didn’t boot, so I know now that there’s an exact sequence to respect, and I’ll send Michael an email to update it.
I also found a couple of problems in script, now is fixed. Actually, today Luigi Mantellini already told me of a couple of typos, but then I found a couple more. domove was directly not working at all :/ Please relaunch it everyone.

Anyway now I was able to boot and have it working fine in networking, I configured my authorized key and now I’m merging the base utilities (apcupsd to let it connect to the master ups daemon, screen, sudo). Next week I’ll start the work on the 6.0 profile and ebuilds.

Stay tuned!

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