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Gnome status update

Ok a status update for my work on Gnome run on Gentoo/FreeBSD.
I was finally able to get to the end of emerge gnome process (actually skipping a few things like evolution and cdparanoia). Unfortunately this doesn’t work. Black screen on start, gnome-session seems to freeze. I’ll trace that down later.

I must say that Gnome upstream devs are quite responsive, and I want to thanks the ones that looked at my patches on gnome’s bugzilla to make gnome packages compiling on FreeBSD.
As soon as I have Gnome 2.10 working, I’ll move to 2.11 hoping to be able to see if the beta works fine out of the box, so that 2.12 won’t need a complete re-patching of everything again (thing that seems quite normal for ports).

By the way I want to thanks egore (on #gentoo-bsd) for the box he’s donating :). As soon as I’ll have it here and working, I’ll start the parallel work on Gentoo/FreeBSD 6.

Now I’m thinking about doing sys-freebsd category (on overlay for now) a reality, as we are gaining users, and sooner is fixed, the better.

Oh for who wants to hear something about the big syntax bugs (enewuser called with /bin/false as shell, cp -a and chown root:root …. This is going to be the record of bigger bugs, and many devs are going to hate me forever 😛
But at least now we’re getting a bit of attention about these topics that I already tried to show on gentoo-dev time ago 🙂

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