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Update on AMD64 porting

Ok as QEmu seems to work better now with kqemu on AMD64, so I’m working on Gentoo/FreeBSD for AMD64. Unfortunately seems like there’s something not really good with it.

The first problem is that openssl needed a patch to compile, and also if it compiles it fails tests (SpanKY say the problem can be with the compiler, and as I’m using FreeBSD’s gcc, the problem is very likely). I need to complete the build so I disabled tests at all and I’ll wait to have a gentooified toolchain before going on with the tests.
The other problem is with libstand in freebsd-lib, that doesn’t seem to compile, linker complain about an invalid BFD, and I noticed it passes -m32 to GCC. This means that AMD64 profile must be forced with multilib on, but I don’t know how to do that right now :/ also because it doesn’t seem to compile freebsd-lib two times, so I just need gcc (and ld) to compile for 32-bit target.

Other than that, I started working on freebsd-rescue ebuild for G/FBSD x86, a static version of the base system’s utilities.. unfortunately it doesn’t like my libarchive and says that it can’t find zlib’s functions, while zlib is present in the link commandline :/

Also, I need help from someone who knows GLIB/GTK/Gnome internals as there are too many things that needs to be fixed and that FreeBSD’s maintainer seems to not send upstream.
It’s also bad seeing that FreeBSD’s ports are currently frozen for 6.0 ongoing release, as it could have been interesting to see what was going to happen with xine stuff.

Remember: patch your upstream!

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