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No EuroBSDCon for me

A couple of days ago I was asked by brix if I was going to EuroBSDCon 2005. Unfortunately the answer is a safe ‘no’ :/

While Switzerland is not so far as destination (from Italy), and also if the conference is a bit near to my birthday (28 November) so it would have been a bit strange going away in that time frame (mainly because of habits), I really wanted to go.

Unfortunately the problem is another one: Italian Linux Society scheduled the Italian Linux Day 2005 on 26 November.. and I really think I’d be more helpful here than on EuroBSDCon.

Well if somebody is interested, on 26 November I’ll be on VELug’s LinuxDay, somewhere in Venice (in-land, I hope, but there’s no clue right now on where to prepare it so…). If you are around here and want to know me (yeah I don’t think this will happen, eh? :P) I’m usually at VELug’s meetings.

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