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Real and virtual machines

Ok as I already said, for Gentoo/FreeBSD I need another machine to work with 6.0-BETAs as 5.4 is still the main supported version for now. As I don’t have another one, I’ve just added a mobile disk rack to that one and moved the old 20G drive in one of the racks, where I already had a 40G disk. I haven’t moved the stuff yet, but when I’ll feel like doing it I can build a 6.0-BETA version of Gentoo/FreeBSD there.

On the other hand, thanks to Luca I have a working 64-bit QEMU using the accelerator, and I’m trying to get Gentoo/FreeBSD there to prepare the first amd64 profile. Unfortunately the 5.4-RELEASE FreeBSD doesn’t support the ed network driver that is the one for the nic emulated by QEMU. To work around this I’ve hacked the kernel using more recent versions of the ed driver’s sources, so to let it compile on amd64 fine. Unfortunately it was my first attempt to change FreeBSD kernel and was quite a pain initially… now I found how to build just a single module, and it’s way faster than building the entire kernel 🙂

I don’t think I’ll be able to work on many different version of Gentoo/FreeBSD, as I don’t really have enough machines.. a couple of x86 could help but I don’t really have the way to buy them right now… but the future is unpredictable, who knows if tomorrow I’ll have an entire rack of x86 machines to work with? Or if the most beautiful girl on the world (who I know, I can ensure you all) will start considering me something more than a friend?
Ok both the above statements are clearly impossible, and if I had just one wish to express, I’ll go on the latter for sure.. but I’ll try to do the best for Gentoo/FreeBSD at least, as the other is really impossible.

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