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Moving toward 6.0

Gentoo/FreeBSD logo by Marius Morawski

First of all, I want to thank Patrick for the developer of the week 🙂

Then, FreeBSD announced 6.0-BETA2 release… this means that we should be moving to that with G/FBSD, too, but it’s not the case for now. At least not for me. The reason is simple: I don’t have another machine to work with, and I need a 5.4 at hand.
I’m actually thinking of mounting on defiant the rack disk support and use a spare 40GB hdd as “second machine”.

About pmake, it seems to being a bit of a problem right now, mainly because it doesn’t seem to accept $S as a good variable name…and this behavior is shared by gmake. I’m unsure on what to do about this, pmake code is cleaner than bsdmake and it’s otherwise completely compatible, so I think I’ll just sed-out all the broken makefiles if I’m able to come up with a good rule.

In the meantime, I’ll just change pmake to not install itself as ‘make’ and re-add make to freebsd-ubin.

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  1. i have still an frisbee freebsd cdrom lying around.Is there any beginner, as in new to bsd not unix, howto?

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