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xine and FreeBSD

Ok this is time to mix two of my main problems: xine and Gentoo/FreeBSD. As I already said, a couple of days ago xine project released two new xine-lib (1.0.2 and 1.1.0) and a new xine-ui package. Following this release, I started posting to xine-devel mailing list all the patches we have here in Gentoo (well not all, just the one already cleaned up, I need one of the sparc folks to do a clean-fu on one of them). As per Gentoo/FreeBSD, we also have a few patchs took from FreeBSD’s ports, so I sent also them. A part from the fact that a couple of them seems to be pointless (and I just added them because they were on FreeBSD), the rest was applied on xine-lib tree. The question now is: why the ports maintainer hasn’t submitted those patches before? I think that a patch applied upstream is always better than one that you need to apply by hand every time.
I was able to drop a lot of patches with 1.1.0 version, and I hope to drop some more for the next release.

Now I’m also going to see what to do with xine-ui, 0.99.3 version required quite a few of fixes to build correctly on FreeBSD, I’m not sure about this 0.99.4, but maybe with upstream I’ll be able to have a 0.99.5 working quite out of the box.

The alternatives for xine-ui are kaffeine (which seems to work), totem (don’t know) and gxine. THe latter fails to instasll as it requires dev-lang/spidermonkey (a javascript implementation from Mozilla) that doesn’t get along well with FreeBSD and it’s discontinued since 2000 or so.
I’m wondering now why someone should write a multimedia player frontend relying on a mostly-unknown javascript package, discontinued, which don’t even got to final release (current version is “1.5rc6a”).

Well gxine won’t be available on Gentoo/FreeBSD for a bit of time at this point.

On the other hand, I had a report from an user about broken dev-util/indent build, as it’s a dependency of ORBit2, but… after having fixed indent and found out that there’s a BSD version of it, I started looking at ORBit2 to see if I was able to change it to use a g-prefixed indent and… I haven’t found any indent reference!
I really really really hate when this happens :/

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  1. Try Codeine. Its a Xine frontend with a clean UI. It does smart things, like remember the point you were at the last time you played a particular file.

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