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The report of my vacation was an exaggeration

I wrote yesterday that I was going to get a little break. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take it as I wanted, for two main reasons: the first is that if I’m not doing something I’m just stuck at thinking of all the errors I did in the past and the ones I’m going to do in the future about my real life; the second is Gentoo-related and is the release of new xine stuff.

Yesterday night both new xine-lib and new xine-ui were released, with actually two versions of xine-lib at the same time (1.0.2 and 1.1.0). All the three of them are now in portage; 1.1.0 of xine-lib was a bit of a problem as a couple of patch needed to go away (for example the no-ARCH_ patch that took me quite a bit of time, or the warns fixes, that too a lot time consuming); that also means that i have less patches applied to xine-lib and xine-ui, so I resent all the remaining patches upstream to get fixed, unfortunately this will take a bit more of time as the author is going on holiday (good for him :)), but I hope next version will have a more light patchset tarball.

Anyway xine-lib wasn’t my only commit since yesterday; I also had to update libtorrent to 0.7.0-r1 with a patch provided by upstream to fix a little bug (I’ve not gone to take 0.7.0-1 version, as that would have mean using versionator eclass to get the filename ( -> 0.7.0-1) and required users to re-download the patch; as the patch itself was a oneliner, I just revbumped the ebuild and added the patch to portage; the old ebuild gone, too.

Also Gentoo/FreeBSD required me a bit of love, as two new security advisories came up, one for zlib (no use for us :P) and one for ipsec in FreeBSD kernel (fixed on freebsd-sources-5.4-r4), so I committed that, too. I’ll write later about Gentoo/FreeBSD specifically, too.

A part from the bad news, yesterday NewsForge published an article I wrote about portable patches, and I’d like to thank spb for the proofreading of the draft 🙂

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