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A little break

I blogged quite a bit in the last days, but then i suddenly stopped yesterday. I’m not going to dismiss unieject project, nor I’m going to leave gentoo, but I need a little bit of a break.
Yesterday I had an argument with my best friend, I quite messed up our friendship and I was afraid of losing her, I think that the worst thing I could ever think of at the moment. The mood in which I am now is still not good, but at least I was able to tell her what I really feel and now the argument is closed, but I’m still a bit upset about this.

Cause of that, I think it’s better for me not to commit to the tree for a while, just for the time needed to return to my normal “mental status”. As I don’t want to waste the time I’ll take off from the tree, I’ll spend it to look at unieject’s support for pumount (and in general configurable unmount wrappers) and if I’ll be able to, to start looking at OSX/Darwin IOKit to improve libcdio and use it to work with unieject.

On another note, I’m still waiting for the payment of the translation I submitted at the start of the month. Having to wait quite a month to have the payment due for april is kind sucky, but that it is.

To close this up.. I hate the summer, it drives me crazy for the hot, and that makes me say some things I should have never said.. I almost lost my best friend because I’m a stupid geek behaving like a geek :/

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