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Some time ago I talked on gentoo-dev mailing list about the need for a virtual/eject to satisfy dependencies of packages which needs the ‘eject’ command, as every OS has its own version of this command.

For Gentoo/FreeBSD we have an eject-bsd package which works fine for most of the usage of eject command.
Unfortunately this is not 100% syntax compatible with the one we use on Linux, so programs depending on that syntax doesn’t work well on Gentoo/FreeBSD.

I’m thinking right now of an alternative. We already have libcdio library to access CD/DVD drives functions, and that’s portable between Linux and non-Linux systems.. maybe we can do something with that, creating an universal eject command working fine both on Linux and FreeBSD and OSX.

I’ll try to investigate this further, but in the mean time I’m also working to complete my translation job. By the way, Italian postal service sucks, and sucks great.. they lost the mail (was an assured delivery) in which I sent my personal data for the payment. DAMN!

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