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Lazy days

In the last days I got a bit of a “break”. As Gentoo/FreeBSD is advancing well with the experimental stages released, I wanted to stop a bit from it and from general bug squashing, I spent (almost) two days playing and relaxing with my iBook on the bed. It was since February that I wasn’t having a break, so that relaxed me a lot.

Unfortunately there are things from which you can’t take a break, real life and temperature are the main problems. I hate summer and hotness.. and my real life is a mess on itself, not counting the fact that I’m still missing the money for the job. Adding the fact that I’m being a total dork with my best friend doesn’t really help.

Fortunately, UserFriendly exists, and this at least helps me relaxing without needing a complete break 😛

By the way, I ever said I can’t stand the damn advertising of mobile phones’ ringing tones? Hope out there the situation is not so bad as here..

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