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Not-so-official Gentoo/FreeBSD artwork contest

Gentoo/FreeBSD logo by Marius Morawski

Please note that this is “not-so-official” as I’m posting here before telling of this to anyone.. just one of my crazy ideas.

Gentoo isn’t exactly one of the most “styled” distributions out there, as you usually are able to use whatever theme/artwork you want.
I’d like, however, to have a Gentoo/FreeBSD artwork to use for snapshots and to put on livecds (when they’ll be done).

So why this post? Well I just suck as an art designer, so I’m asking all of them out there to try to do your best for a Gentoo/FreeBSD logo 😉

You can probably use the BSD daemon, but in such a case you should probably read the usage guidelines.

If you feel like trying to get something out for this, please consider what’s going to be used:

  • A fullscreen logo, 800×600 or 640×480, as splashscreen for LiveCDs (I don’t think we can have the border like on Linux with FreeBSD, but maybe)
  • A KDE splashscreen.. I use KDE as main window manager, and it’s the first WM to compile and work fine out of the box on Gentoo/FreeBSD, it deserves a splashscreen

Artists, enjoy this 🙂

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