G/FBSD 5.3 leaves the scenes

As I’m mainly focusing on 5.4 profile and release of Gentoo/FreeBSD (which is way more Gentoo than the 5.3), and I want to have Stephen and the rest of the BSD herd focusing on that, too, I’ve removed from CVS all the 5.3 ebuilds and the 5.3 profile.
This makes gentoo-project/bsd/fbsd tree way lighter than before, after having removed from rcscripts all the configuration files which aren’t needed anymore in 5.4 profile (to have a new freebsd-baselayout release soon).

On a side note, after cleaning up the overlay and all that stuff, I also fixed smbfs patch (damn $Id:$ in patch) so that it builds now. Interesting thing: perl that made me have an headache becuase it was still failing building, come up to need one of the system packages build without +build useflag (used to prepare the stage) or it fails with absurd errors.
Stephen is looking for the broken package right now.

This makes g/fbsd release always more near. So what’s missing now? A part from a working stage, we need a bootstrap script, and then having a way to automatically symlink sys-5.4-rX to /usr/src/sys (that’s something I’ll take care of soon). Then we really really really need a livecd.. I’m thinking on starting tinkering with FreeSBIE tonight.

Well time to go tinkering! 🙂