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G/FBSD 5.3 leaves the scenes

As I’m mainly focusing on 5.4 profile and release of Gentoo/FreeBSD (which is way more Gentoo than the 5.3), and I want to have Stephen and the rest of the BSD herd focusing on that, too, I’ve removed from CVS all the 5.3 ebuilds and the 5.3 profile.
This makes gentoo-project/bsd/fbsd tree way lighter than before, after having removed from rcscripts all the configuration files which aren’t needed anymore in 5.4 profile (to have a new freebsd-baselayout release soon).

On a side note, after cleaning up the overlay and all that stuff, I also fixed smbfs patch (damn $Id:$ in patch) so that it builds now. Interesting thing: perl that made me have an headache becuase it was still failing building, come up to need one of the system packages build without +build useflag (used to prepare the stage) or it fails with absurd errors.
Stephen is looking for the broken package right now.

This makes g/fbsd release always more near. So what’s missing now? A part from a working stage, we need a bootstrap script, and then having a way to automatically symlink sys-5.4-rX to /usr/src/sys (that’s something I’ll take care of soon). Then we really really really need a livecd.. I’m thinking on starting tinkering with FreeSBIE tonight.

Well time to go tinkering! 🙂

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  1. This is great news. I’ve been meaning to try it out myself and perhaps help out all the developers in this regard, but I’ve hesitated, as the current release of FreeBSD is much more recent than anything used in the installation instructions provided by guys like kimchi_sg. I figured it wouldn’t have been a good idea to use a 5.4 FBSD system while still following the instructions for 5.3/Gentoo…Keep up the good work! I look forward to installing G/FBSD 5.4.

  2. I’m also looking forward to trying out G/FBSD. I’ve been wanting to try out the *BSD’s in general, but they’re just different enough from Linux for me to be comfortable. I’ve always had small troubles with installing them (last time I tried, FBSD wouldn’t pick up my keyboard. That was a real show-stopper)Keep up the good work! I’ll be watching 🙂

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