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Gentoo Updates

Ok I had just a little time to update my blog lately so it’s time to get a bit of an update.

First, a good and a bad news: the good one is the one everyone already talked about, the software patents in Europe are cancelled for now; the bad one is the yesterday’s event in London.. I think there’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said.

Moving to more Gentooish topics, vlc is still driving me mad with mozilla support (it requires some .so libs we don’t have in gecko-sdk because it needs -fPIC love).
For now latest version has slp and mozilla support disabled. The first one will remain until a new version can fix it to use the latest API, the latter is the one I’m trying to take care of.

Also, I took over netatalk (package for file and printer sharing between *BSD/Linux and MacOS with its original protocol), adding version 2.0.3 which fixes most of the bugs open on bugzilla (also the one with future dates in 64-bit arches), and which is available now also for ~amd64.

libtorrent and rtorrent are still releasing one version every week or little more, and as I couldn’t wait for the latest version to be in portage for more than a month to mark it stable, so I took the latest version of the two packages which had big bugfixes ( and marked it stable for amd64 (my “maintained” arch).

Third news: I’ll take care of media-tv/xdtv as soon as I have the amd64 support for mmx/sse extensions sorted out with upstream. Just wait a couple of days and you’ll find xawdecode’s successor on portage with ~amd64 (it can seem absurd, but it won’t have ~x86 until someone will test it as I don’t have x86 hardware to test it on).

I think I’m starting maintaining more useful packages 🙂

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