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Having backups

This is one of the most strange moment of my (computer) life 😛 I actually have not one, but two backup copies of the important data in my enterprise and defiant boxes, and I’m going to do a backup of voyager tomorrow, adding also the not-so-important-but-still-interesting data in Enterprise. By the way I also found out that defiant’s (the G/FBSD box) complete (/ and /home) backup is less than 600MB worth of xar data.

This is good and I’m actually happy of it. Unfortunately my mails are still an issue as they are stored in enterprise, while before I used to have a P166 which worked as mailserver/dns server/irc bouncer. Unfortunately that machine (“northstar”) died when a spike reached it caused by my power provider. That sucks.

Ok now I have an Athlon-Thunderbird 1GHz spare, but that does a lot of noise and I don’t have a fan to replace its one, and also that is the G/FBSD box which is all but stable right now.
I also have hardware for a P3-550 here but I don’t have the RAM to put on it and this is bad as the RAM I have is completely b0rk3d.

I’d really like to find some spare box to use as misc local server, currently if I have enterprise down I can’t even have a decent DNS in place, but for now I don’t have money to bough a new one. The P166 costed me €50 in late November ‘04 and died on February ‘05, so that was wasted money. Also if now I have an UPS to protect this, I’m going to wait a bit more.
I’m also thinking about finding an embedded something to use as router as mine doesn’t support IPv6 (ok it can be seen as something useless, but having a single IP for a machine is useful to access it from the outside without having to bounce between with SSH).
Oh well I’ll wait till the next hard-discount meeting in Pordenone next November.

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