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New Version Bumps

Yesterday, also if I worked on my FlameBot, I had to bump some packages I’m maintaining.

There were new versions of libtorrent and rtorrent, which is not unusual as it’s being developed quite often so a bump is quick, unfortunately both libtorrent and rtorrent must be in sync to the same version so just a rename isn’t good (as the versions of the two are different and I need to change the dependency every time.
Not a big deal, tho, as quite all the problems with FreeBSD are fixed and upstream is likely to fix them if they come up.

The other one was… VLC. And here it starts the problem. Some time ago I added a 0.8.2_beta2 version to test a bit the new features and the new dependencies, this was useful to find a showstopper bug on AMD64, as some ASM code used on AMD64 was just x86-specific, which I reported upstream. This bug still isn’t fixed in 0.8.2 final.

Now I’m trying to fix two (or three) issues which still seems to be a problem: wxGTK screwing up on some systems (and slp still not working) and Mozilla support not working.

Now, the slp problem was supposed to be fixed upstream after 0.8.1, but this seems not to be the case, and wxGTK problem it’s something I can’t still reproduce and I need to investigate further.

Now remain the Mozilla problem. +mozilla on VLC requires using www-client/mozilla, but I don’t want to compile it all. Then I first tried moving the dep on an or between mozilla and mozilla-firfox, but then xpidl is moved fromt he default location.

Following Roy’s hint I tried compiling gecko-sdk, but first this failed because of amd64+gcc4 screwups (logical screwups, as I already wrote about).

After fixing that, I found out that enigmail code, too, has problems, but fixing that is not what I need to do for now, I’ll do later but for now I want to fix VLC ASAP, so I removed enigmail support and I’m trying to rebuild it again…

This is going to be a long build, a long long build, and I don’t really want to be in the place of users who’d like to use vlc +mozilla…

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