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Gentoo/FreeBSD Stage Set

Gentoo/FreeBSD logo by Marius Morawski

Ok after the rm -rf which TFU’ed my defiant box (the Gentoo/FreeBSD development box), yesterday night I started using the stage to install a new Gentoo/FreeBSD 5.4 system, this time without real FreeBSD support, just FreeSBIE LiveCD (thanks to Stucchi and all the FreeSBIE team), and the latest incomplete experimental stage I had.

It wasn’t completely free to bugs and complete, but this was workable so I now have a working system and a TODO list of bugs to fix:

  • from the stage I missed a bunch of packages (well some of them was just due to the fact that the stage building process died before being complete);
  • ldconfig needs to be used with -i option from within portage code to enable the “insecure mode” aka to allow it to use non-existent dirs (when preparing the stage tarball with ROOT=);
  • python needs a new patch because the one which is currently applied doesn’t add the support as it should because it doesn’t regenerate configure script;
  • there was a bunch of missing dependencies which I’m going to fix;
  • gcc’s problem with crt1.o makes necessary to compile it after freebsd-lib (with a tarbz2 package) and then re-extract the tarball… I’m going to fix this setting schg the crt1.o file;
  • /dev *must* be mounted when compiling or scripts which tries to output on /dev/stdout fails, this also makes the built freebsd-lib fail to load;
  • ncurses must be linked as for freebsd packages to compile;
  • bootloader misses an ebuild, and must be installed before kernel’s make install is launched;
  • /proc is required by init scripts but isn’t required on G/FBSD to work;
  • perl and libperl needs a patch because their Configure script is brainless.

Now that I know what I need to do, tomorrow I’ll work on all those and hope to prepare the final experimental stage to release…. but now I’m really really tired.

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