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Finally binutils works

Ok, thanks to our loved Vapier, finally we have working binutils under Gentoo/FreeBSD. This makes possible to hope for our first stage soon 🙂

Trying to summarize what’s still needed before the real release: the PAM problem is being fixed pace-by-pace, now we have pam eclass and most of the ebuilds which uses pam_stack are already fixed or pending fixes; root:root is still a big issue, but I hope it can be fixed soon, very very soon; metamail is still blocking my hylafax installation, but I hope to get that fixed as soon as I have time; cups has issues for the missing lp user/group, I’ll report the bug soon; cp -a ebuilds needs to be fixed soon.

Unfortunately there are still a couple of problems which prevent me from having a full working G/FBSD system with X11-over-VNC. The first of them is that I’m not able to start X as user.. I’ll work that out doing a bit of debug on startx command. The second of them is that qt doesn’t build as I hoped… it fails because it needs to know the platform you are in… I hope I can fix in a couple of minutes.

Well time to return hacking…. bye!

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