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And finally, the graphiX

Another status update for the Gentoo/FreeBSD project. It’s getting a daily job do that, but this time I have great news and a screenshot!

G/FBSD running Xorg

Last night I was finally able to build xorg-x11- on the g/fbsd system! It has no opengl or xv support for now as it fails to link to libGLU and I don’t know why for now, seems like it misses to tell the linker where to find libstdc++ library. But a part from that is a completely usable X environment.

Actually you can’t build it right now completely as it tries to install xterm which depends on utempter which doesn’t work on non-linux systems (praise RedHat for that as utempter is their stuff); instead there’s libutempter, a drop-in replacement developed by altlinux which works fine both on linux and fbsd; seemant will take care of libutempter and xterm this week so soon xorg will build out of the box.

My project was to build fluxbox and use it to try some xish stuff until gcc problems faded out and we can move to complete the 5.4 profile for the first stage release. Unfortunately, fluxbox doesn’t realize correctly when iconv is installed or not, so I think I’ll need to prepare an m4 library file which checks for iconv support to propone to fluxbox (upstream and gentoo’s) so that libiconv is corretly found where it should.

Until that, I’m going to work on ghostscript so to have a working version for g/fbsb which is needed by kde to build. Really if we are going to have a working kde environment in g/fbsd soon, we can compete with that project which is going to prepare a kde-based bsd distribution.

Really would you imagine the power of FreeBSD combined with Gentoo and UIs like Gnome and KDE like they are on G/Linux? 🙂

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