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When Real-Life sucks

Ok as my paid job is getting to an end (well a book always have an end, also if in this case we can’t say it’s an happy ending), and the last chapter just took me less than 24h, I decided to take a day off to relax myself a bit.

Unfortunately, this was coincident with a bit of habit here at home to stay up till morning on 23th June, so I ended going to sleep at 5am and woke up at 16:30. The result is that half of the day was already gone and I hadn’t had too much time to relax.

At the end I wasn’t able to do anything I planned to do… my room is still messed up, my life too, and I haven’t find a way to inject events in X11.

Oh well tomorrow I hope to complete another Chapter and maybe find the time to cleanup my room a bit at least.

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