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Personal site update

OK I’ve updated my webspace on Toucan fixing the broken links, and removing part of the material I don’t maintain anymore.

Mainly, there was references to tarball that I’m still searching in my backup sets and the articles (in Italian) I wrote some months ago were completely missing.

I think one of the things I should do in the near future is to release the code and the data I used to create the site; it’s a quite interesting process.

Instead of writing all the pages by hand, or using PHP serverside (as I couldn’t use PHP on my old site), the trick I’m using makes use of the PHP cli binary.
I’ve wrote a series of XML files with the data for the pages, and some “glue” PHP scripts which uses other XML files to create the XML files for the main script (the template). Then I launch a shell script which recursively creates the XHTML1.1 files which are then uploaded to my public_html space.

It’s a bit complicated process but the result is a lot simpler, because I just need to add a section to an XML file to have a new complete page.

I really need to publish the code for this because it can probably be useful to other people, too.

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