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Gentoo/FreeBSD 4th try rev.a

Gentoo/FreeBSD logo by Marius Morawski

OK today I’ve fixed the stray problem of the 4th experimental stage for Gentoo/FreeBSD after spb yesterday told me of them, and sent him the amended version of the tarball.

This is getting closer and closer to the release, as quite all the problem which I stumbled across are now fixed.
The bootloader has its own ebuild (sys-apps/boot0) and everything should be fixed as for now.

I’ve also dropped the dependency over tcp-wrappers for freebsd-usbin adding a NO_WRAP= glob which is enabled by -tcpd useflag; this allows us to avoid installing tcp-wrappers in profile.

As I was there, I also added one more NOINET6= variable which allows us to disable IPv6 support in rpcbind (where the tcp-wrapper dependency was turned on by default).

Also, we don’t install telnet, rsh (and derivated) and inetd anymore in freebsd-* packages; if you want them, you can install the portage versions/replacement: net-misc/telnet-bsd net-misc/netkit-rsh sys-apps/xinetd.

If you want the ftp command, by default on FreeBSD it’s used lukemftp, from NetBSD developer lukem, but this was replaced by its author with tnftp, which is in portage.

The daemon lukemftpd is still present, as is ftpd, also if I don’t suggest it to anyone.

Please also note that for now you can’t install /usr in a separate partition as there are a couple of things which needs to be fixed before.

Time to get to work.

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