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Venice Linux Party

Ok yesterday (Saturday, 2005/06/18) there was a “Linux Party” here in Venice (well not exactly Venice, but Mestre in the inland) where we tried to have a contact with new users and wannabe users, some of them from Venice’s institutions.

It was an interesting saturday, considering that I usually don’t do anything during saturday, but it was a very hot day and I hate hot days.

We had a couple of wannabe users who liked to know about Linux itself and some experienced user who wanted to be helped for something they didn’t know.
Unfortunately, in spite of the amount of Gentoo installation in our LUG as can be seen during regular meetings, there wasn’t new Gentoo users.
Anyway at the end I finished to fix a couple of Gentoo laptops (x86 and ppc, an iBook G4 which was the one with problems).

Unfortunately, many newbies just won’t ever use Gentoo before they takes practice with Linux ideas, if they were just used to Windows.

It can be interesting… how many of the devs have an active LUG where they meet and how many of them are Gentoo-based? 😉

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