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The bad rm -rf

Ok I’ve done something wrong. There was a rm -rf /usr without a ${D}, I fixed that quite immediatly in the tree but.. I forgot I frozen the PORTDIR while I was building the experimental stage for G/FBSD, so the fix wasn’t applied to that tree that I used.
I’m currently trying to rescue that box because.. well I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to recreate a 5.4 setup on top of a 5.3 without the working environment.

I had buildpkg enabled but I did a stupid thing and bunzip2’ed all the file sto detar them forgetting that they aren’t just tbz2 files.

On the good side, I should have been able to prepare a 3rdtry stage of just 17MB, without all the profiled libraries and with all the base profiles needed. But I don’t know if it will works.

Now I’m rebuilding system with emerge -ave world, ncurses is building but I’m not sure how it will work…

Well, today is being a bad day.. really Friday the 17th (unlucky day here at least). Other than the problem with defiant (the G/FBSD box), I’m also having personal trouble with a friend of mine.. I ’ll go to sleep sooner tonight, I want to put an end to this day ASAP.

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