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Moving on with porting

Ok today I’m working very hard on Gentoo/FreeBSD. Now we also have a CHOST to identify Gentoo/FreeBSD systems: i686-gentoo-freebsd5.4; useful for configure scripts which tries to install with a defined layout depending on distribution (apcupsd is an example of this).

As gcc still has problems with crt1.o (it eats it during src_install()), I’m trying to get sandbox installed fine. I had many problems with it, I needed to update dev-libs/publib (and take over maintainership of it as it was orphaned), and I prepared a big patch to it removing a lot of cruft dued to some kind of compatibility with strange Unix versions probably previous to autoconf stuff.
Unfortunately that isn’t enough. sandbox compiles, installs and also works fine to prevent access to the external filesystem, but make bash crash on opendir (seems like an infinite recursion on “..”), and I’m not able to find Azarah to talk with about this :/

Azarah is also the one I need to find to decide if it’s time to move pam modules in their own category (I’m also waiting for this for a couple of new pam modules which I’d like to add).
So at the moment he is the showstopper for at least two task I’m taking care of 😛

After that, I really need to complete the cleanup of FreeBSD packages, as I want to release the first experimental stage to public ASAP. Also because I want to remove 5.3 ebuilds soon, as they are completely unmaintainable.
Another thing I’m taking care of is splitting out non-base freebsd stuff from freebsd-* packages..

Unluckily I don’t have too much time to work on this as I have a paid job I need to fullfill…

Well time to get to work… I really need to complete this work soon as I need money to upgrade the obsolete hardware.. and maybe to get another box to use for another gentoo/alt port 😛

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