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Most likely problems in ebuilds porting

As binutils is still not fixed (vapier provided me a patch that should embody all the changes done by freebsd, but still doesn’t work so I think the problem is in a missing script), and so I can’t really fix xorg, I’m trying to fix other problems with G/FBSD porting.

There are a couple of major issues with it, which still needs to be fixed, which I want to state here so that other devs can read and know how to deal with them in the future 🙂

First problem is PAM-related: module used to mimic other auth configuration files is just an hack done by RedHat that works just on Linux-PAM and not on OpenPAM which is the implementation used by FreeBSD. To do the same thing, OpenPAM and Linux-PAM 0.78 uses the include directive, which works fine on both systems. Unfortunately, too many files in the tree depends on pam_stack, and stable Linux-PAM doesn’t support include directive, so they can’t just be fixed in the main file, but needs a revbump and a parallel file in the mean time.
I’m taking care of this problem filing bugs aobut packages which uses

The second problem is with many ebuilds which resets permissions.. they use root:root as owner:group, but root group doesn’t exists on FreeBSD (so neither on G/FBSD), and this needs to be changed to root:whell which works fine on all Gentoo systems.
I’ve just created a list of ebuilds which suffers from the problem, and they are many more than you can imagine. I hope to be able to fix most of them, but if I start reporting one by one it will take too many bugs so I ’ll just open one bug CCing the maintainers while I found them. I’ll start tomorrow with that.

The third problem is with “cp -a”. cp command accepts -a parameter only on GNU’s version, so using it with non-gnu’s cp will fail. The right fix for this is just use cp -dpR (actually it’s -dpPR, but -P is not POSIX, so..). I haven’t listed them for now, but it’s still a problem.

Well.. time to see how many other packages I can fix before going to my LUG for the meeting.

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  1. Would it be possible to use OpenPAM on linux as well? I was reading the site, and apparently, it should work on Linux as well as F/BSD, or did I read incorrectly?

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