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Another day with less bugs

Okay another day as gentoo dev which involves fixing bugs and enhancing Gentoo/FreeBSD.

Last night I started looking at video bugs one by one to close all the ones which were fixed by other bugs, the ones which are probably fixed in newer versions, the ones which wasn’t active in the last months. Now we are at a human number under the 90.

Now I’m in my garden, under a few trees that I complete an upgrade to enterprise (the linux box) and updating the cvs in defiant (the fbsd box) to see if I’m able to merge more patches inside main tree.

Just to update the situation with G/FBSD and Xorg, I’m still getting problems with opengl linking. Pam stuff should be fixed also if I can’t test and I’m not receiving news from fd.o bugzilla about it (well I’ve reported it just a few days ago, it will take a bit before someone can look at it I think). OpenGL problem seems to be related to binutils which ignores file and fails to find the libstdc++ file where it should. I’ve found a patch to binutils on Debian GNU/kFreeBSD Project after spyderous pointed me that they had the same problem. Now I only need to find the patches to apply to binutils to support FreeBSD systems as well as linux systems in gentoo.

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