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Bugzilla madness

I wasn’t so much exalted by bug tracking systems when I started working on OSS projects, mainly because SourceForge’s bug tracking system is, imho, bloated.

Then I started using and working on KDE, I started also using its Bugzilla but I wasn’t so happy about it.
But when I needed to track down bugs on a server emulator, I needed to find a way to have them organized in a decent way. As bugzilla wasn’t usable on SourceForge, I found myself using Mantis which is simpler also if hasn’t all the functions which bugzilla has.

But then when I moved on Gentoo, not working on Bugzilla wasn’t possible at all, as user I think I have bothered so much developers for enhancement mainly. Now, I really feel how important bugzilla is as references for the future.

Now what’s the problem? Well if you read seemant’s and lu_zero’s entries, you know how many bugs-which-are-not-bugs we deal with. But this is not the only problem with bugs.

Many users just assign bugs without looking at packages, mainly when the packages haven’t maintainers or when the package name isn’t verbose enough. I just have assigned to wranglers a bug for media-libs/openexr, which is no-herd maintained and in a category which hasn’t an explicit herd taking care of (for example if you find media-video/* packages no-herd maintained, you can suspect it’s job for video herd, but you can’t find a good herd for media-libs).

Now, I know this is a quite useless rant but… i’ve slept only six hours since yesterday and I was all the night on working (both gentoo and paid job) so I’m a bit tired. But I’m still working on G/FBSD and Video things.

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  1. Hi Diego,i’m sorry.I’m asigned the openexr Bug to media-video because the Bug 37646 was fixed by/assigned to the media-video herd.Florian

  2. No direct problem about it, sorry if I seemed having trouble with it. The real problem is not having a real distinction for the assigned packages.

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