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G/FBSD Live and Kicking

Gentoo/FreeBSD logo by Marius Morawski

Ok time to start writing something, and starting from some good news 😉

For everybody interested in Gentoo/FreeBSD project, it’s alive and is advancing with quick paces.
I’ve committed in cvs’s overlay an highly experimental 5.4 profile and I’m committing one by one the ebuilds for the system packages based on 5.4_rc3 packages (currently my G/FBSD box is running an hybrid 5.3/5.4_rc1/5.4_rc3 system, I need to cleanup this).

One of the most important change on this profile is that I’ve removed completely the -crypto package, which is replaced by the individual packages heimdal, openssh and openssl, and I’m removing from freebsd-* packages all the packages which are provided by portage, so for example less, tcsh, bind-tools and so on.

Main problem I had with that upgrade is that moving libraries out of freebsd-lib broke all the compatibility with the already installed binaries as freebsd mangled the sonames.
That won’t be a problem after bootstrapping, and as soon as we’ll have a base stage we can safely ignoring freebsd’s sonames problems.

Another good news, thanks to Azarah, is that we finally have a virtual/pam which is provided by Linux-PAM 0.78 and by our openpam (oh I haven’t said that? freebsd-lib don’t provide anymore libpam and pam modules, libpam is provided by sys-libs/openpam and modules by freebsdpam-modules). As a result of this, packages are getting fixed to use the right pam configuration files. At the moment mailbase, sudo and openssh works out of the box.

This follows also the fixes for libiconv and gettext which are merged into main portage, allowing to build irssi without external patches (actually it needs to use a dev-libs/glib from the overlay, but is going to be fixed I hope). I hope SpanKY isn’t going to kill me for all the bugs for base-systems I submitted for fix the gnu packages to be installed with g prefix on non-gnu systems 🙂

Oh well now is time to stop writing and continue fixing g/fbsd, media-video stuff and if I find the time, translating the book which is my paid job 🙂

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  1. I remember that a few weeks ago you opened a big thread on developers mailing list about pam and many changes you’d like to do on linux too… any news on this?

  2. I’m still working on this, main problem about this is building linux compatible modules for openpam (which doesn’t provide any module at all).But before trying something like that I need to complete freebsd stuff so that I know pam works.When I’ve installed openpam for the first time on the G/FBSD box I completely fooled up because it used to use a slightly different ABI between the original freebsd’s compilation.

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