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Voodoo programming… when a debug info solves it all!

Ok I found some time before getting my new job to work on KNetLoad, as was found a crash when adding KNetLoad to a vertical bar.
I also wanted to start working on the SNMP stuff, so I reworked another time the reading code. This time it seems to be quite flexible to enhance it in the future.

I implemented the SNMP class, and then tried it… after some changes it worked… then I tried to put only the SNMP interface in the monitor.. and it wasn’t working at all.

I messed up with everything, I wrote testcases for my library which worked without a glitch, I tried with net-snmp console utilities, and they worked, then I though the problem was with QT events’ loop, and I changed the way the timer worked, but still nothing: it was always going to timeout when I requested the data.

At the end, I put a debug call on the constructor of the class… and it started working right… I think the problem was the short delay between the library initialization and the session opening.

I hate fridays… 🙂

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