4 thoughts on “OpenSSH 6.2 adds support for two-factor authentication

  1. A far more interesting change is that they added support to get authorized_keys from a program. Andrea (lcars) proposed this a decade ago, instead of patching in LDAP, and now it’s finally possible


  2. The hilarious thing about this post is that you used PAM concepts (requisite, sufficient) to help explain OpenSSH. In my devops circles, PAM is the thing we like to touch the least :P Nobody likes reading PAM man pages or configuring it manually.Otherwise, good to head SSH supports this :)


  3. Then it looks like your devops circles do not know the first thing about system administration…Seriously, you may say that you don’t know PAM, but expecting it to “not be touched” reminds me why I dislike the term “devops” that much.


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